In this article, we will review and compare two home garden models from Aerogarden Bounties to see which one is the better option and how the other one compares to it. Let put them in the ring: AeroGarden Bounty Elite vs Bounty Basic

Are you looking at AeroGarden’s plant product range? AeroGarden’s indoor garden kits are a great way to grow your herbs at home with minimal effort. That’s why it is always challenging to choose between similar products from this brand. 

In this article, we compare the AeroGarden Bounty Elite and Bounty Basic indoor garden kits. Also, we explain the features of each model and give you reasons why we think the Bounty Elite is our preferred option.

Bounty Elite (with herbs) and Bounty Basic (with microgreens). Bounty Elite vs Bounty Basic
My Bounty Elite (with herbs) and My Bounty Basic (with microgreens)

Interestingly, both models share similar technology. AeroGarden comes with a design that creates the perfect conditions for plant growth indoors using hydroponics. You can reuse them to grow lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, or flowers if you prefer. In addition, you can manipulate and regulate the garden conditions on the control panel of your AeroGarden device.

AeroGarden Review – Our Pick

Our top pick is the AeroGarden Bounty Elite because, as the latest release, it has a slight edge over the AeroGarden Bounty Basic that lets you grow fresh herbs indoors. While both models share similar technology, the Bounty Elite does a little more for your vegetables.

1. About the AeroGarden Bounty Basic

As its name suggests, the Bounty Basic comes with all the essential features needed to run a successful indoor garden.

With it, you get a 30 W lighting system powered by an automatic timer. The timer regulates when the lights come on and go off to give your plants adequate access to sunlight. 

Also, with the Bounty Basic, you’d get a bowl, a 9-pod growing deck, and a pod for your seeds. The bowl contains a water pump and a tank designed to help circulate water and nutrients to your plants. 

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Furthermore, the base of the Bounty Basic holds the display and control panel. Unfortunately, the display is not a touch screen, and it does not have full-color capabilities.

However, the Bounty Basic has all of the core features of the AeroGarden Bounty garden. It also has a vacation mode that helps keep your plants fresh and alive while you are away. Lastly, there is an alarm system that alerts you when water content and nutrients are low. 

Special Features 

  • Can grow up to 9 different veggies at the same time
  • 30W LED grow light
  • Sleek new design with a large bowl and grow deck
  • Vacation mode to keep plants fresh while you are away
  • Automatic timer for light control 
  • New large bowl and grow deck for tomatoes, herbs, and other veggies
  • Breeds healthier plants that guarantee a big harvest
  • A high-resolution display on the control panel for vital statistics (plant types, water levels, and days planted)
  • Specially designed to alert you when the system needs water and plant food
  • Does not have a stainless-steel design

2. About the AeroGarden Bounty Elite

Bounty Elite is the newest in AeroGarden’s range of Bounty gardens.

It is powerful and big enough to grow up to nine different plants at a time. These plants can include herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables. 

It comes with 40 new features to help you grow your favorite plants all year long. With the Bounty Elite, you get a 50-Watt adjustable lighting system to give your plants the full spectrum of light they need to grow. In addition, it comes in a sleek new stainless-steel design that features a large bowl and a grow deck; this will house up to 9 different types of your favorite veggies. 

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The Bounty Elite is Wi-Fi, and Alexa enabled. It comes with a high-resolution, full-color control panel. The display lets you see vital statistics concerning your plants and serves as a reminder for when you need to add water and plant food. You can control the Wi-Fi and Alexa functionalities using the AeroGarden app or your Amazon Echo device.

Special Features 

  • Wi-Fi and Alexa compatibility 
  • A 50-Watt lightning system
  • Up to nine pods for nine different plants 
  • New sleek stainless-steel body
  • Can grow plants up to 24-inches tall
  • Automatic timer for lighting
  • Stainless steel design
  • Features a more extensive water bowl to keep plants fresh while you are away
  • Bounty Elite can be monitored from AeroGarden’s app or Amazon Echo device
  • An automatic timer makes the light go off and on at precisely the right time
  • It has a sleek futuristic design
  • It is expensive

Similarities Between Bounty Elite and Bounty Basic

There are several similarities between AeroGarden’s Bounty Elite and Bounty Basic. Both indoor garden kits come in a new and sleek design with a futuristic touch. Additionally, they are large enough to accommodate a large bowl and seed pod that can grow as many as nine different herbs simultaneously. The bowls in both bounty models are the same size and can grow similar types of plants indoors.

Both Bounty Elite and Basic are designed to keep your veggies and herbs fresh even if you are away from home. The lighting system in Bounty Basic has the same automatic timer as Bounty Elite. Automatic timers determine when LED lights go on and off to provide the plants with as much illumination as possible. The control panel in both designs displays vital statistics about the growth of your plants and sets reminders that help you remember when to add water and plant food to your garden. With both the AeroGarden bounty designs, you’ll get “Vacation Mode” functionality that other indoor garden kits may not have. 

AeroGarden bounty designs are extended over your plants with no dangling cords. This design allows the growth of herbs up to 24 inches high. The growth length will accommodate simple veggies like tomatoes, lettuce, and much more.

There are many other similarities between the Bounty Elite and the Bounty Basic in usage and assembly. Both are easy to assemble, and they occupy the same space. Their control panels are located at the base of the kit, where they bear a display that gives you control over the growth of your plants.

Differences Between the Bounty Elite and Bounty Basic

While the similarities in quality in both AeroGarden designs are apparent, some differences make Bounty Elite the clear winner. For example, unlike the Bounty Basic, the Elite features a 50W LED lighting system that gives plants a broader range of the light spectrum. This exposure to adequate lighting allows for proper and quicker plant growth. You can also set the light intensity by simply sliding your finger. Plants grow pretty fast in the Bounty Basic kit, but you can expect a faster rate in the Bounty Elite kit. 

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The technology in the AeroGarden Bounty Elite is way more advanced. For example, the display at the base comes with a touch screen feature and full color. Moreover, it gives you more control over your herbs.

With the AeroGarden Bounty Elite, you can begin indoor gardening with the best of garden technology at your fingertips.

Which One Should You Buy?

Based on all the information above, it is clear that the Bounty Elite model is the preferred option. The Bounty Elite offers you the chance to grow more herbs faster and with better programmability. Moreover, you can control the internal growth environment of your plants through the highly functional control panel and full-color display at the base of the kit. All of these can be controlled remotely using your mobile phone.

However, this does not mean that the Bounty Basic is much less than the AeroGarden Bounty; after all, both models belong to the much-loved AeroGarden Bounty range of indoor garden kits. But the Bounty Elite is a level above the Bounty Basic. This is why we suggest that you buy the Bounty Elite over the Bounty Basic. However, if you’re short on money, you can always opt for the latter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do AeroGardens work? 

AeroGardens are designed to help you cultivate your vegetables, herbs, and flowers at home. Each garden kit comes with a seed pod that is compatible with all AeroGarden models. Planting with the seed pods in each AeroGarden model is easy and a lot of fun! Place the pre-seeded pods in your garden space, add water and specially formulated liquid nutrients. If all goes well, your plants will begin to germinate within 14 days. Depending on the seeds you planted, fruits and veggies could be ready for harvesting within 4-6 weeks. This cycle is expected to continue into the next 6- 8 months.

2. Where can I set up my garden?

For the best results, we recommend that you set up your garden in an accessible area. You should not place the garden kit in a cabinet or cupboard since this will affect the growth of plants in the long run. Also, do not place the garden under a direct light source where the hood area will be exposed to heat. Finally, while AeroGardens models are made for home use, they are not recommended for children or people without prior experience and gardening knowledge. 

3. What if my seeds don’t germinate?

According to the AeroGarden website, each seed pod is backed by a 100% germination guarantee. However, in cases where faulty seed pods occur, the company will replace any pod that fails to sprout after 21 days. Please fill in your information by clicking the “contact us” button on the official website to register your complaint. 

4. How long will the plants take to germinate?

Different plants take different amounts of time to germinate and grow. Based on experience with growing other plants, we have identified some standard time frames. For example, flowers may take 7 to 12 days, while fruiting vegetables like tomatoes may take 7 to 14 days. Herbs may take up to 15 days to mature, and salads take less time, approximately eight days. In contrast, seed pods that fail to germinate after 21 days should be returned to the company for adequate replacements. 

5. How do I connect to Wi-Fi?

You can connect AeroGarden Bounty models to the wireless network in your home and control the garden features when you are away or in a distant room. While on the wireless network, you can adjust light settings and intensity, reset plant food settings, and check the water level with the AeroGarden App. 

To connect to the Wi-Fi network, tap on the Wi-Fi icon in the garden. You’ll get a prompt to search for available networks. When you find your network ID, please select it and ensure you do not use the 5GHz network. 

Click next and enter the password for your network. Proceed to tap OK, and the garden will ask you to get the scan code you’ll need to connect to your AeroGarden app. 

6. Can I grow different plants at a time?

You can cultivate different plants in your AeroGarden simultaneously. You can grow herbs, flowers, and other vegetables. However, you need to consistently prune plants with the tendency to have tall and broader leaves. This action will create enough space for the smaller and less bushy plants to grow alongside the taller and bushier ones. This is where your gardening skills will come into play and let you make the best use of your AeroGarden Bounty kit.

7. How do I use Alexa with my home garden?

With Alexa, you can turn the grow light on or off while using any Wi-Fi-enabled garden with a simple command like in the Bounty Elite and other farm models. Alexa will register the name you have given to your garden. Make sure to add the AeroGarden skill feature so that Alexa can connect to your garden. You can use simple commands like “Alexa, turn the garden on.” For issues related to connectivity, you can contact AeroGarden’s support center.


Growing herbs and vegetables in your home is a great experience, and the AeroGarden Bounty Kits make it a lot more fun. Even though our AeroGarden comparison article recommends the Bounty Elite model, you’ll still have a great gardening experience if you decide to buy the Bounty Basic.

However, if you want a high-tech garden space in your home, you should look no further than the AeroGarden Bounty Elite model.

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