In this article, we will present you with the best options for storing your spices. Here are the five best jars for spices and herbs available in the market that will keep your spices fresh for a long time.

Spices and herbs are an essential part of every cuisine globally. Though added in tiny amounts, these spices turn the dish from simple to extraordinary. What would Thai Basil chicken be without Thai Basil!

However, if these spices and herbs are not stored properly, they may lose their significant flavor and aroma. And instead of making a dish taste great, low-quality spices could end up making your dish fall short. That’s why keeping the spices in suitable quality containers or jars is necessary.

This is why we at The World of Herb and Spices have made a list of the best spice jars available on the market right now. So let’s take a look at them!

Best Jars for Spices

1. Talented Kitchen Spice Jars

Talented Kitchen is one of the most popular brands for buying the best quality spice jars.

A set of 14 perfectly sized glass containers makes it super easy for you to organize your spice rack.

The complete package includes 14 glass spice jars, seven coarse shakers, 14 sift and pour shakers, a magnetic measurements chart, and pre-printed spice labels.

Depending upon the spice’s granular consistency, you can place either a sifter or a shaker on the glass bottle. And the metal lids will keep the bottle airtight.

With pre-printed labels, you can conveniently pick up your desired spice during cooking. Also, these spice jars come with a magnetic conversion chart, which helps with baking and cooking. These spice jars are truly winning!

  • Airtight silver metal lids
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 4 ounces of spice capacity
  • The metal lids are not sturdy

2. SimpleHouseware Spice Jars

SimpleHouseware offers premium quality square spice jars.

The complete package consists of 12 spice jars, 48 pre-printed labels, metal lids, a funnel, and 20 blank labels.

The square shape of the jars is perfect for keeping them in drawers, cabinets, pull-out spice racks, or on the countertop.

Moreover, each bottle measures 1.75” x 1.75” x 4.125′, with a holding capacity of four ounces of spice holding awesomeness. The availability of a funnel makes it super easy to pour spices into the jar without losing a ton of herbs and spices. And we all know how expensive they can be.

Overall, high-quality SimpleHouseware glass containers are easy to place, label, and use.

  • It comes with 48 pre-printed spice labels
  • Pack of 12 perfectly sized containers
  • The package includes one funnel and 20 extra blank labels
  • Metal lids are not airtight

3. Gneiss Spice Small Empty Magnetic Spice Jars

Genesis offers hexagonal magnetic spice containers.

The magnetic feature of these spice jars makes it easy for you to organize the spices and save space. In addition, magnetically fixed spice jars make your countertop a little more attractive and cooking more fun.

You can buy any one of three sets of 10, 12, or 24 containers available. The ten-container set comes in small sizes only. But, you can get large containers in 12 and 24 pack sizes. Small size jars measure 1.75” wide and 2” tall and can hold 1/4 cup volume.

The jars are made of durable glass. Furthermore, Genesis offers a lifetime warranty for this product.

  • Airtight lids keep spices moisture-free and fresh
  • They include labeling stickers
  • Reusable and refillable, eco-friendly
  • Magnetic jars can stick to the refrigerator door
  • Small in comparison to standard spice jars

4. SpiceLuxe Premium Spice Jar Set

The SpiceLuxe spice jar set comes with 12 square glass bottles that are ready to use right away.

The containers are made of top-quality lead-free glass, and the capping lids are made of stainless steel. The filling capacity of each jar is 4 ounces.

With this set, you’ll get a funnel, 72 spice labels, and 12 shaker lids in 2 different hole sizes.

The spice funnel helps transfer herbs and spices easily. And with a wide selection of 60 printed spice labels and 12 blank ones, labeling and organizing them becomes fun and simple.

  • A high-quality, commercial-grade product
  • Airtight steel lids protect spices from moisture
  • The silicon spice funnel makes filling jars easy
  • Free replacements in the case of broken jars
  • Shaker lids with varying hole sizes may be confusing for some people

5. Spode Blue Italian Spice Jar

Spode is a centuries-old company, started back in 1784 by Josiah Spode.

This company specializes in manufacturing homewares ornate with under-glaze printing. Besides looking great, these spice jars also have superb usability. 

Spode spice jars look stylish, elegant, and attractive. The presence of these vibrantly colored spice jars will surely spark up your aesthetics and will add a chic flavor to your kitchen.

Also, you can order matching sets from Spode as well. Finally, these Italian spice jars made with white translucent porcelain are dishwasher safe.

  • 4-inch tall spice jars
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Perfect as a gift
  • It’s pricey for only six spice jars

How to Pick the Best Jars for Spices

How to pick the best spice jars
  • Available Kitchen Space to Keep the Spice Jars

The available space in your kitchen will determine the type of spice jars you will purchase. Depending on the allocated space for the spices, you can either put them on the countertop or store the spice jars in the cabinet or pantry.

Glass or metal spice jars look appealing placed on the countertop. However, if you use a cabinet or pantry, consider using plastic containers.

  • Type of Material Used to Make Spice Jars

Spice jars are generally made of three materials: glass, plastic, and metal.

Stainless steel or metallic spice jars are the best options to keep the spices fresh and moisture-free. Furthermore, the metal jars keep the spices safe from light, and the tightened lid won’t allow moisture to get in.

Spice jars made with high-quality plastic are also a great option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spice Jars

  1. Are there any precautions for using glass spice jars?

Glass spice jars are the most common choice, as they let you see the spice just by looking at the bottle. However, it is advisable to store the glass containers in dark and cool places to maintain the quality of the herbs. Also, do check that the glass material used to make jars is BPA-free.

  1. Are plastic spice jars safe to store spices?

Yes, spice jars made with BPA-free, high-quality PET plastic are safe to use. Perfectly sealed plastic spice jars keep your spices fresh and flavorful.

My Final Thoughts on the Best Spice Jars

There you go! We hope you’ll love our suggested picks of the best jars for spices. All 5 of these spice jar sets work phenomenally well to keep your spices fresh and flavorful.

Depending upon your personal preference for material, size, and space, any of these jar sets will do the job perfectly.

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