In this article, we will explore 30 of the BEST dill recipes. So, if you have an abundance of fresh or dried dill. You have come to the right place!

I recently started growing dill (from seed) in my Aerogarden, which is a hydroponic system (growing herbs with water!). What I didn’t know was how fast and large it would grow within 30 days.

Here I am, close to 40 days with this beautiful dill plant begging me to prune.

Here’s the thing…I am not a fan of pickles. So, dill pickles are out for me. But the amazing thing about dill is that it doesn’t just go well with things pickled. It pairs wonderfully with many dishes.

Some of my favorites are seafood, eggs, and dips! So, if you are in the same place as I am…here are 30 amazing dill recipes that you will LOVE.

dill recipes

Dill Recipes

Get ready to go crazy with dill! Each recipe features fresh or dried dill. YUM!

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