In this article, let’s figure out the solution to a chef’s worst nightmare: running out of onion powder. Instead of rushing to the grocery store mid-recipe, try one of these substitutes for onion powder.

You taste your favorite dish, and you realize the onion flavor is missing. You check the cabinet and shake the container, but you don’t have any onion powder. Now what? It’s hard to imagine, let alone be in, such a situation. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the best substitutes for onion powder that will still allow you to prepare delicious meals for yourself and your family.

Best Substitutes for Onion Powder

Substitutes for Onion Powder

1. Fresh Onion

The most obvious substitute for onion powder is fresh onion.

Since onion powder has a more robust flavor than raw onion, a smaller amount will suffice for your taste—three tablespoons of finely chopped onion equal to one teaspoon of onion powder. Fresh onions are very moist, so you may want to consider the liquids when planning your meal.

2. Onion Flakes (Dried Onion)

You can find dried onion flakes in spice aisles at your local grocery store.

If you mince and dry fresh onions, they become onion flakes. You can use them for every homemade seasoning. Don’t forget to grab your box of onion flakes the next time you’re at the supermarket.

You may even use a mortar and pestle, a blender, or even a rolling pin to crush the flakes into a powder similar to onion powder. Onion flakes may substitute onion powder in recipes that call for it.

3. Garlic Powder

You can use garlic powder to substitute half of the onion powder in the recipe.

Usually, most recipes require both spices combined. Despite its garlicky taste, garlic powder also has onion powder’s savory undertones. You can substitute half a tablespoon of Garlic powder for one tablespoon of onion powder if needed.

4. Onion Salt

Garlic salt and onion salt are two types of seasoning salt.

In other words, it’s a coarse onion salt or onion powder mixture. To maintain the taste balance of your food, you may replace onion powder 1:1 with onion salt. Be Careful not to get your meal too salty.

5. Onion Paste

Onion paste can give a great flavor to sauces and soups.

The simplest way to create onion paste is to cut and mix as much onion as you want in a food processor. You can use a tablespoon of onion paste if you’re cooking a larger meal. You can freeze the paste and use it whenever you need it.

6. Chopped Chives

Chopped chives are not your best option in seasoning mixes or recipes that call for a dry spice.

Alternatively, you can use chopped chives in place of onion powder for a more subtle onion flavor. You can use it in raw and cooked meals, such as dips and salads. Chives are chunky and vibrant green, so you should only use them in recipes that call for a sharp flavor.

7. Granulated Onion

It’s hard to tell the difference between a granulated onion and an onion powder.

Although granulated onion is coarser in texture than onion flakes or chopped onion, it is still finer compared to onion flakes. To substitute the powder taste, double the original amount.

8. Scallions

Think of scallions the same way as chives.

They’re excellent for topping or finishing off dishes that call for onion powder. They provide lovely additional taste but should only be used in dishes that do not need dry spice.

9. Leeks

Leeks are also classified as a member of the onion family.

It is harder to work with this stalked aromatic than chives or scallions. You’ll want to substitute leeks with onion powder in stews or soups to enable them to simmer down or be sauteed in a skillet.

10. Shallots

Onions, garlic, and shallots are all onion family members, giving food a distinct onion flavor.

Use them in your favorite recipes in place of chives or scallions.

Final Thoughts on Onion Powder Alternative

When it comes to onion powder substitutes, we know our onions. Onion powder is an essential ingredient in almost every recipe. However, sometimes you’ll find yourself short of the spice. That’s why we’ve brought up the best substitutes that could give a delectable taste to your recipes. Consider trying them out in your subsequent meal preparation.

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