In this article, we will help you get familiar with the concept of small pots. We will answer what are smart pots and so much. Get to know what they are and their benefits in growing a home garden.

Smart Pots are a brand of plant pot made of a particular type of fabric. High Caliper Growing Incorporated manufactures and sells this brand of fabric pots. The company is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.

Traditionally, plant pots are made of ceramic, but some are made of plastic or concrete. But starting a few decades ago, more and more tree growers and gardeners began using plant pots made of fabric. Today, there are many different brands of fabric pots on the market. But the Smart Pot remains the best for your plants and the most popular of them all.

Smart Pots are available in different sizes (ranging from 1 to 30 gallons) and colors (black, tan, orange, blue, and purple). You also have the option of buying pots with handles or without.

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Benefits of Using Fabric Smart Pots

Smart Pots and other fabric pots have plenty of advantages over traditional gardening pots made of ceramic, plastic, or concrete. Below, we have listed a few of the main benefits.

  • Air Pruning of Plant Roots

Plants grown in traditional ceramic or plastic pots tend to have a few thick roots that circle inside the pot. This kind of root structure is detrimental to the growth and development of plants.

However, the roots of plants grown in Smart Pots have a more fibrous structure with multiple side roots. Air pruning is the cause of this fibrous root structure. Air pruning is a process whereby roots that grow to reach the inner surface of the smart pot come into contact with air. When this happens, the roots stop growing longer and start developing side roots instead.

This fibrous root structure absorbs nutrients and water far more efficiently than the thick, circling roots of plants grown in ceramic or plastic pots, leading to healthier and bigger plants.

We also see air roots with growing plants hydroponically.

  • Keeps the Plant Roots Cool

When you use ceramic or plastic pots, plant roots take a lot of heat in hot weather. This heat build-up happens because the pots are not porous, so there isn’t much air flowing through the soil. Too much heat isn’t suitable for plants and can lead to root rot, stunted growth, and even plant death.

On the other hand, Smart Pots consist of fabric that allows plenty of air to pass through. Their porous nature leads to better aeration of the soil in the Smart Pot. As a result, the plant roots stay cooler and healthier.

  • Sheds Excess Water

Every experienced gardener knows that excess wet soil is bad for most plants. And they are also aware that the soil at the bottom of potted plants tends to be very wet. In fact, the plant is sometimes practically sitting in water while the dirt on the surface is almost dry.

But when you use Smart Pots, the fabric is porous enough to let out excess water. The material lets the soil have just the right amount of moisture, the best amount for plants. Also, the earth is evenly wet, with the surface soil being just as moist as the soil at the bottom.

  • Surprisingly Durable

Now, it is easy to assume that a plant pot made of fabric wouldn’t last long. But the surprising fact is that Smart Pots generally last longer than ceramic or plastic pots. This is because pots made of traditional materials crack easily, but Smart Pots are very tough!

The manufacturers have made Smart Pots with a fabric that withstands rough treatment. That said, they will generally last for several years if treated well.

In addition to that, Smart Pots are also washable and reusable. So, you can always wash them to restore their brand new look.

  • Easy Storage

Another advantage Smart Pots have over traditional ceramic and plastic pots is that you can easily store them away if you don’t need them for a while. To start with, whenever you empty a Smart Pot of soil, it is far lighter than traditional pots of the same size. This lightness makes it easier to carry wherever you may need it.

Also, one can fold up an empty Smart Pot such that it takes up very little storage space. For example, twenty Smart Pots could fit into the space that a single traditional gardening pot would occupy.

  • Adjustable Depth

You can also roll up the edge of a Smart Pot to shorten the height. This can come in handy if you need a shorter pot. In contrast, you can use ceramic or plastic pots only when you require a pot of a specific depth because they are not adjustable.

  • Can Stay Outdoors in Winter

Traditional gardening pots made of materials like clay will crack if left outdoors in winter. But with Smart Pots, you do not have to worry about relocating plants as the weather begins to get colder. Even temperatures well below the freezing point pose no threat to the fabric.

Advantages of Smart Pots Over Other Fabric Pots

After reading all those advantages fabric pots have over pots of other materials, you may be wondering what makes Smart Pots stand out among fabric pots. Below are some of Smart Pots’ best advantages over different fabric pots.

  • Optimal Thickness and Texture

Some fabric pots are thin and easily damaged. Others are either too thick or made with fabric that isn’t porous enough. This causes the pot to retain too much moisture and heat. With decades of experience in manufacturing fabric pots, High Caliper Growing Incorporated has developed a fabric with the optimal thickness and texture. Thus, both of the above-described problems are avoided due to the fabric’s quality properties.

  • Free of Toxic BPA

Many fabric pots on the market contain toxic Bisphenol A (BPA). But Smart Pots have been independently tested and certified BPA-free. So, when you use a Smart Pot, you can be sure the soil and plants are not absorbing any harmful chemicals from the container.

  • The Original Fabric Pot

The company that first popularized planting in fabric pots now manufactures Smart Pots. Each Smart Pot you see is the result of decades of experience. And that superior innovator’s expertise has led to a product that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

About High Caliper Growing, Inc.

High Caliper Growing Incorporated owns the Smart Pot brand. This company’s history started in 1980 when Ralph Reiger, a tree farmer, came up with using fabric pots for planting. After realizing that fabric pots were far better than traditional gardening pots, he started a company, Root Control Incorporated, in 1984 that sold fabric pots to other tree planters.

These were initially known as “Root Control Bags.” With time, they grew in popularity not only with tree planters but also with gardeners. Eventually, the company changed the product name to Smart Pots. They also changed the company name from Root Control Incorporated to High Caliper Growing Incorporated.

Today, the Smart Pot brand has become very popular among horticulturists, gardeners, and tree planters all over North America. Smart Pots are also available at most major online retailers, including Amazon.

High Caliper Growing operates a factory in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, manufacturing Smart Pots. The company also produces and sells other related products. These include the “Big Bag Bed.” This product is for gardeners that need a raised bed with all the benefits of a fabric pot. They also sell “Compost Saks” for recycling plant leaves and other organic waste into compost.

Ralph Reiger’s son, Kurt Reiger, is the current president of High Caliper Growing Incorporated. The company’s headquarters are at 7000 North Robinson Avenue, OK 73116, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.

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